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KAS Astrology Solved Charts

KAS (Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System) is based on Ashtakavarga and Upachaya theory as taught by Shri Krushna Jugalkalani ji (my Guruji). This solved charts collection is a ready reference for students of KAS to learn from previously solved charts from KAS Yahoo Groups forum. To serve this purpose, the link to chart is provided as well as links to messages for the chart under discussion. Students can read and understand the approach that was taken to solve the chart. Messages marked with ‘K’ in their suffix are messages posted by Guruji in the group.

In astrology, practice of analyzing charts is most critical. Being able to understand how a chart was analyzed will prove to be a useful aid towards this goal.

You can send your inputs to connect@12divisions.com or can also write to astrologyandtimingevents forum to talk to astrologers with similar interest in KAS.

Credits: Thank you to Mrs. Prabha Acharya who painstakingly compiled a listing of solved KAS charts. The following listing owes a lot to her hard work over the years.

Solved charts on Wealth

Birth Details: Male, 28 Dec 1932, 06:30AM, IST, 20N53, 70E22 Open KAS Chart Open Yahoo Group Messages: 28644 Practise chart provided by

Solved charts on Childbirth

Solved charts on Job/Career

Birth Details: Male, 30 Sep 1945, 04:30AM, (GMT +6), 23N46, 88E38 Open KAS Chart Open Yahoo Group Messages: 3497K 3498 3499 3502 3504K 3505K 3508K 3509 Practise chart provided

Birth Details: Male, 14 Apr 1970, 14:10, London Open KAS Chart Open Yahoo Group Messages: 472 473K 474 699 708K Seemingly the chart has Raj Yoga

Solved charts on Health

Health Problems

Birth Details: Male, 18 Aug 1953, 07:10AM, GMT, DST active, 51N13, 03E14 Open KAS Chart Open Yahoo Group Messages: 1135 1136K  Margarita shared this

Solved charts on Marriage

No solved charts on marriage posted here as yet. Check back soon for this list.