12 Divisions

Checkout online KAS Software to calculate astrology charts using KAS theory. KAS is a system of astrology based on Ashtakavarga and Upachaya theory as taught by Shri Krushna Jugalkalani ji (my Guru).

Deciphering patterns of destiny and rhythms

A horoscope chart is divided into 12 signs & 12 houses. A musical octave is divided into 12 notes.

Both fields, Astrology & Music, are about deciphering patterns, one in the 12 divisions of horoscope and the other in 12 divisions that make an octave.

I transformed from a non-believer of astrology to a person who feels that celestial orientation does influence us.

Music has been an essentially self-learning endeavour for me. I was fascinated with trying to understand what makes music tick.

This website was created with a view to share the learning I have gained from my teachers & mentors and my own personal experiences while analysing horoscope charts or deciphering musical patterns. 

My astrological interest includes Vedic, Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System, Krishnamurti Paddhati & Hellenistic Astrology. My musical interest includes music theory, counterpoint, composing. I am a software programmer as well and believe that there is merit to encode our knowledge into software systems to aid/support our analysis. In case you share common interests or you would like to have your chart analysed by me, please do get in touch.