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KAS Astrology Lessons

Krushnaji had written a series of lessons on KAS during 2000-2002 and he made them available to KAS Yahoo Group members. Mrs. Donna Quinn was kind enough to proof read the lessons and fix typos and grammar to make the lessons easily comprehensible. I am reproducing the KAS lessons here to support new KAS students. The only change I have made is to provide screen shots of charts from online KAS software which uses an improved KAS ayanamsa value than the one that students were using during 2000-2002. 

Credits: All credits go to Krushnaji and Donnaji for providing this wealth of information.

Table of Contents

Remaining lessons to be uploaded soon…
  • Lesson 8: Samdharmi Planets and their inter-relationships
  • Lesson 9: Vimshottari Dasha and Manual Calculations
  • Lesson 10: Marriage
  • Lesson 11: Transits
  • Lesson 12: How to look for signs of divorce in a chart
  • Lesson 13: The effects of Venus and points in all twelve signs
  • Lesson 14: Love Marriages
  • Lesson 15: Procedure for finding any event for the date given
  • Lesson 16: Procedure for placing the event in the length of the bhukti
  • Lesson 17: Blind chart analysis ABA-6
  • Lesson 18: Blind chart analysis ABA-7
  • Lesson 19: Blind chart analysis ABA-8
  • Lesson 20: Children and the fifth house
  • Lesson 21: Vyavasaya Jataka: (Occupation)
  • Lesson 22: Worksheet review on Basics
  • Lesson 23: More rules for a love marriage
  • Lesson 24: Rules for the non-marital status
  • Lesson 25: Summary Rules for Significator and their Samdharmi
  • Lesson 26: Using Multiplication table to assess strength factor for planets
  • Lesson 27: How to find the timing event
  • Lesson 28: Houses for various educational degrees
  • Lesson 29: Results for planets with more points in different houses
  • Lesson 30: Some laws for delayed marriages in females
  • Lesson 31: Discussions on delay causing planets
  • Lesson 32: How to find the ideal conception time for childbirth
  • Lesson 33: Steps for finding the right day for an event (Part 1)
  • Lesson 34: Steps for finding the right day for an event (Part 2)
  • Lesson 35: Steps for finding the right day for an event (Part 3)
  • Lesson 36: Jupiter Delay Scenarios