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KAS Yahoo Groups Archive

KAS (Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System) is based on Ashtakavarga and Upachaya theory as taught by Shri Krushna Jugalkalani ji (my Guru). Krushnaji had created a Yahoo Groups forum, “astrologyandtimingevents”, to spread knowledge of KAS. Unfortunately, Yahoo Groups closed and access to the forum was no longer possible.  The following KAS Yahoo Groups Archive Viewer is an online service to access any of the forum messages of the closed group by Message ID#. There is a wealth of information in here and it would serve well to read up the archives for solved charts and Guruji’s analysis on charts. Interested students can join the a new Groups.io forum at astrologyandtimingevents to discuss KAS with like minded astrologers.

Note: Some of the messages in Yahoo Groups were deleted by Guruji or moderators in original forum. Those message IDs are not available. Also, some messages in original forum had associated attachments which could not be preserved. However, even otherwise, the archive of KAS Yahoo Groups is a gold mine. In case of issues, you can write to me at enquire@12divisions.com.

Credits: Thanks to Anupji (moderator of KAS Yahoo Groups) who downloaded the Yahoo Groups archive and shared to help future KAS students.