KAS Software

KAS (Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System) is based on Ashtakavarga and Upachaya theory as taught by Shri Krushna Jugalkalani ji (my Guruji). This software is currently in beta testing phase, however, it is useable on desktop/tablet/mobile web browsers. For those who intend to learn KAS, the authoritative reference is “KAS Dimension Reader #1” book, which you can purchase from Guruji’s website (link in Credits section below). You can also gain a wealth of information from Anupji’s website (link in Credits section below). This software is meant to extend the reach of KAS to students and practitioners and is a humble offering to my Guruji who taught us this system selflessly.

28 Feb 2021: Online KAS Software aligned to calculations in KAS Dimension Reader #1 book. Please do feel free to check out the current features and share feedback,  issues and feature requests. You can write to me at connect@12divisions.com. There are plans to add many more features. Stay tuned!

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