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KAS Astrology Lessons

Krushnaji had written a series of lessons on KAS during 2000-2002 and he made them available to KAS Yahoo Group members. Mrs. Donna Quinn was kind enough to proof read the lessons and fix typos and grammar to make the lessons easily comprehensible. I am reproducing the KAS lessons here to support new KAS students. The only change I have made is to provide screen shots of charts from online KAS software which uses an improved KAS ayanamsa value than the one that students were using during 2000-2002. 

Credits: All credits go to Krushnaji and Donnaji for providing this wealth of information.

An Astrologer's Code of Conduct

by Shri Krushna Jugalkalani
  1. I know that astrology is a truth and a Godly science, so a misuse of this science is an insult to my God.
  2. I will use this science for social service and as a form of worship to my God.
  3. I am aware of the flaws in human beings and will not treat any person with less importance when giving my guidance.
  4. I will not misuse this science for the teaching of any religion, social matter or any unlawful act. Giving my guidance in such matters means my involvement in that act.
  5. If I do not get an answer from the chart, I will NOT give my guidance! No guidance is better than the wrong guidance and I will accept my limitations about the chart as well as my own limitations as an astrologer.
  6. I will not abuse or malign any other astrologer, nor will I take unfair advantage of another personís astrological knowledge by advertising unnecessarily at their expense without proper and due credit.
  7. I will try to increase my knowledge and share it sincerely with other people of similar interests.
  8. I will behave truthfully and honestly at all times and keep my conduct pure in heart.
  9. Any information received from a client, in the course of giving my guidance to that person, shall be kept in strict confidence.
  10. I will not use any chart for purposes of public discussion by identifying the native by name, unless I have his or her explicit permission to do so, nor will I misuse any information given to me by that person.